Ship Brigg Liberty  open

Unreal Engine Blueprint, uasset.
Collision and LODs,  
93 Materials and  250  PBR Textures to customize the Ship simple by changing in the blueprint. (1024-2048)
multiple colorvariations, Gameready Blueprint,
About 50000 polys by LOD0 deck view- A few hundred  at distance.
Steering Wheels and Sails are rigged. No animations.
The water is the Unreal Engine waterplanes example.
UE4 Clothing
(UE4 Clothing is not usable with morphs at once,. You must remove clothing from the Sails mesh when morphing.)



All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file