The Artful 3D Philosophy

Hello and welcome to the Artful3D Empire Fantasy.


I always have considered what assets I would want for my own game.

 They should be not too complex, easy to handle and not cluttered. I like clear and concise structures.


This is the philosophy of Artful3D.
What may seem a bit sophisticated at first is ultimately the way for Indie and Hobby game developers.
It's a hard way to develop a game.
To deal with the resources and to control them is not an easy matter.
I want to help you to find a stable path to your goal.
I have been developing assets for a long time,  easy to  use for game developers.

I know…. My assets are not AAA assets. Really not....

But hey are low poly and clearly structured and helps you to save a lot of bottle neck issues from scratch.


.....if you open a Artful3D resource, whether in Blender, or in Substance Painter, you'll always get an overview of how your assets are used as easily as possible. With my Assets you always know what you get.


What Artful3D assets are.

They are easy to handle and in constant quality.
Ok.... The style is not for everyone. But at some point I have to decide. 

At the end, for freelance contracts i do your style.
I keep on developing and want to share this development with you.

Rigs and meshes are quickly set up on each engine.
At last you have nothing to do as drag and play.

If my work does not match your style, you can at least use the assets as a placeholder. Developing assets quickly can cost some Dollars. For example, the Paragon character assets currently offered in the Unreal engine have devoured over five million dollars in development cost.

If my style suits you, you can use my freebie offers to try it out.
My style is Empire Fantasy. A genre, located from ca 1750-at the beginning of the Victorian Age.
A bit of realism, a bit cartoon, a bit of Fanatasy.

I also try to incorporate the steampunk element into my style.

Clothing and style will merge from the beginning.
From sailing ships of various types to imaginative steampunk
Steam ships.

Other genres and themes will follow and can be created on request.


The textures are simple and easily manageable for developers.
You can refine and supplement the textures with the attached resources at any time.


Textures and meshes are  kept simple.

You should control and use them yourself.


My work continues to evolve and is improving constantly.

All parts fit together in Style and Technology. You can integrate the meshes into your Project very easy.


Oh yes… You don't want to find the same meshes in another game.
In effect, the meshes are not very different.
A game developer invests in about twenty million dollars in a released game. How much do you have left?
A game are defined about its content, not about its appearance.

That's a Problem. I know.

First and foremost, the game development for indie and hobby developers should be one....  fun.

 Get to know my assets, use them as placeholders if you want....
But I want to encourage you to stay with me.  Maybe you'll love your created characters.
I would support you as best I can.


The Price:

A sensitive issue.
Naturally…. I find the prices justified.
I have invested a few years and a lot of power and time. For a mesh in which I have invested for example a week, I demand seven Dollars. That's an hourly wage in the fifty cent or less range. A sale of my assets is not guaranteed. That's my risk

With the modularity and reusability, at the end you save a lot of time and money.


Thanks to Google translator :))


Kind regards



All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file