Technical Basics


All Artful3D mesh- packages includes two types of files for each single asset :


FBX Files





Shape Keys*



(* If required)


Clean edgeflow 

No N-Gons

Tris avoided

Low- Midpoly

UVs  by basic Textures   



Vertex Count

The specified vertexcount is the real ingame vertexcount.

No hidden vertices by seams and splits.

Texture Files



The PBR Texturefiles. 

All textures are packed in Allegorithmic SBSAR files.

The SBSAR files, usable in all game engines with Substance Plugin.

Metal/ Rough and Specular/Gloss.

The packed textures are max. 2048* or smaller to reduce the file sizes.

The SBSAR files include resolution and color adjustment and also

other mesh-specific features.



If you need individual PBR textures, you can extrakt it from SBSAR by using Substance Player.

You can download the Substance Player for free from Allegorithmic .


The maximal Texture size is given per Asset. This can reduced as required by the SBSAR


Substance Player for easy extraction of Artful3D Textures

As less as possible- as much as necessary.