Charakter Guide

Modular  -    Full Customizable




Every Artful3D Character is made by a set of bodyparts.


All bodyparts are weighted to one skeletal rig.

If you have setup only one rig for modular skeletal meshes in your Game Engine,  you can use all bodyparts of the Artful3D Character- System simply by drag and drop.

All bodyparts always fit together.



One Skeletal Rig  -   Unlimited Possibilities

The main bodyparts:


Hat or helmet


Chest (belts or armor)


Hands (bracelets,cuffs)












Library System

To manage the Meshes, Artful3D uses a simple storage system.

Therefore all Bodyparts have a code.


For example:




Body      = the slot of your modular charakcter rig

Coat_1    = type and current number of the part


_S1        = type of section *see below


Skeletal Rig

The Artful3D-Rig corresponds to the Unreal 4 mannequin rig.

It contains:

a simple game rig with

twist-bones for arms and legs


IK-bones for hands and feet,

assigned to the rig with no assigned weighting vertex groups


By default all axes are 



All unreal mannequin rig animations run at the Artful3D rig.


All Artful3D Character bodyparts use shape keys- morph targets

 The shape keys for the bodyparts:






Breast (mainly Woman)

Mass (for clothing volume)


All bodyparts and all morphs fit together.



If you dont want to set up a charactersystem in your game engine, you also can import the Artful3D charakter parts in your 3D software, fix the shape keys, merge the mesh and reimport it to your engine!

Skin colors

There are six skin colors available that match with all bodyparts.

The Eyecolor is freely variable.

Stubblehair and stubblebeard are variable.

The Eyebrows are variable.


Unlimited Colorvariations per Asset

Various Items of Clothing


 As in real live, not all garments can worn together as desired.

For example, you can not wear long, wide pants or jackets with tight kneeboots or long gloves.

So it is with the game charakter.

To enable a wide variety of possible garments, Artful3D-Characters uses a simple section system.



                               4        3      2       1

















All legs are numbered from 1 to 4

All bodys are numbered from 1 to 4


All hand and foot bodyparts also numbered accorfdingly.

Bodyparts without numbering can be worn with all others.


You can wear all 1-4 numbered hands and feet with the same or higer numbered body and legs.

You can wear all 1-4 numbered body and legs with the same or lower

numbered hands and feet.


In some cases you also cant wear:

Shoulders, Armor or Belts


No Shoulders = S6

No Belts = S7

No Chestgear, Armor, Chestbelts = S7


This system is necessary to allow as much diversity as possible without being monotonous.


The Matching Number is the last point in the name of the asset.


S means  Sektion  1-4 is the number of Sektion

Body_Coat_1  means the coat number one


For Example:


With a

Body_Coat_1_ S3

You can wear...

Hands_Cuffs_1_ S3    

or lower.

You cant wear e.g. Hands_Bracers_1_S4

They are too long for the sleeves of the Body_Coat_1_S3 and will glitch through the fabric of the sleeves.