The Ships Masts and Sails

A ship is usually defined neither by size nor by design. The actual naming of a type of ship is mostly determined by its rigging.
  Here it may well come to some complicated contexts.
 The same ship can be a brig, a full-ship, a schooner, a ketch or a schoonerbrig aso.. The same can apply to ships of completely different design and size. I would like to display as many rig options as possible.

Unfortunately, rig and sail cost a lot of vertices. I saved where I could. In the blend file you can reduce the Verticecount very easy by deleting small parts to create a acceptable LOD.




Master Materials and Rigs

All rigs presented here use the same master materials for masts and sails. The rigs are supplemented by adding a FBX for each type of rig. The materials can be reused.

Only the sails, ropes and yards are rigged to optimise the handling of physics and kollission shapes.

The ship rigging is equipped with a base skeletal rig that can be used for all future rigs.


So as with all Artful3D assets:


Once adjusted, only drag and Play.

More different Mast and Sails Rigs will be added from time to time.

Rig Example

Brig (two masted) Rig

The Basic Ship is the Ship Liberty.

Its rigged with two masts and the Brigantine rig with an outdated Blindsail.

                                                         (Master Textures for Ship, Sails and Masts)

Ship Masts


The vertex Count of the masts vary from 21 to 25 K.


8x different two- and threemasted sets.

The Mast are useable with the sitting shiptypes or as you wish.

The two Low Mast sets are useable with flat ships like the Viper

The Sails


The Vertexcount of the Sails vary from 7 to 9k.


3x Three Masts Set

Frigate (Fullship) Rig, Frigate Rig old style, Bark Rig.

6x Two Masts Set.

Brig, Full rigged Brigg, Schonerbrigg (Brigantine), Schoner (Stagsail Rig)  Fore Topsail Schoner, Two topsail Schoner

                                                                                               ( all sets will be doubled 

                                                                                               by the Low Deck Ship Variations)

                                                                                               All Rigs are useable with the                            


Morphs to reefing the sails

Each individual sail can be reefed, set by shape keys (morphs).

Different Ship Rigs

All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file