Modular ship part

1x FBX Ship_Bow_3_Klipper_High

1x FBX Ship_Bow_3_Klipper_Low

PBR Rough-met

6x 2048 Color sets

Verts: 319

Faces: 288




Modular Bow

Verts: 368

Faces 324

PBR Rough-met 

6x 2048 Color sets

1x FBX Bow_2_Empire_Low

1x FBX Bow_2_Empire_High



1x FBX Bow_1_Empire, Low Deck, Halfdeck

1x FBX Bow_1_Empire, High Deck, Halfdeck

1186 Polys

1360 Verts

BBR grough-met

4x 2048


5$ +

All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file