Master Textures for all Artful3D Modular 30m Ships. This Main Texture Set fits to all Ship Hulls.

FBX: Paint Mesh

Verts: 1935


PBR Rough-met

1x Side out 2048 (&Color variations)

1x Side in 2048

                                                                                                1x Frames 2048

                                                                                                1x Decks 2048

                                                                                                10$ +

The Master textures fits to all (actually the 3om Ships).

Every main ship part comes with a additional ship texture.


Example: Master textures ( Side Out, Side in, Decks, Frames )


                  Ship_Eagle_Gunports textures (Railing and other special design parts )


                 Ship Eagle (complete textures)


The Ship_Keel Module fits to all 30m Ship parts like Eagle, Liberty aso.

Keel module for the 30m ship

1x FBX

Vertices 10562

Tris 11616

3x Materials


PBR metal roughness

3x 2048 Wood (inside)

1x 2048 (outside) white, 1x black, 1x wood, 1x red

10$ +

The rudder is designed to be animated separately.


Ship module for the 3om Ship.


Frames, Railing, Decks, Side out, Side in.

PBR Rough-met 2048 (6 Colorsets)





Ship module Eagle.

2x FBX sets

1x Closed Side, 1x Gunports

( FBX Side in, Side out, Railing, Decks, Frames)


Ship module Halfdeck

4FBX Sets, 2048 per FBX:

Railing, Deck, Side out, Side in

Useable with the Ship_Main_Textures_Master PBR

Verts: 5728

Faces:4636 (Gunport model)

10 $


Ship Liberty

Quarterdeck Module

Main part for the 30m modular ship

1x FBX

PBR metal roughness:

4 Sets a 3x 2048

Vertices: 2549

Faces: 2024


                                                                                                                 7$ +                                                               

All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file