Fixing the Shapekeys

The Artful3D Character System offers many possibilities by using shapekeys.

You can use the shapekeys inside your gameengine tu build a character generator

or you can fix the parts inside your 3D Software to cusomize your character individually.

All Bodyparts and the head fits together an can also be merged before export to the engine.


1. Making a Preset Head

At first open your hharacter head blend file. (Here the new Head_2.0 )

At the right side, in the outliner you can find the shape key options. 

First, set all sliders in such a way that you have achieved the desired result.

In the next step use the dropdown menu under the +- button at the right side of the shapekey list.

If you use the black arrow, this dropdown menu shows you the option "New Shape From Mix".



Now you can see a new shapekey with a number at the bottom of your list. 

Name it as you like.

Use this new shapekey and add one of the basic shapes to it.

In this case at first I use Mass.  Build a new shape from this mix and name it "Mass".

Do the same with the rest of the main shapes. 

Mass, Skinny, and Muscle effects the head. They must be built  this way.




Delete the unused Shape keys and remove the .001 numbers.

At last step, duplicate the ready preset mesh and delete the original preset mesh to clear the data.

Now the preset is ready to use in the Engine.


The shape key preset head_2 without any refining. Screenshots in UE4 gamemode without any postprocessing.

Make your LoD

Select every second Loop and delete them , then select all and triangulate with STRG-T. Test out wether  the shape keys are working and export your head as LoD1.

Dont delete the marked edge split edges. Also have a look on the UV wether you destroy it by deleting a wrong Loop.

In just a few Minutes you have made a LoD of your customized head.

Refine your Head

You can refine and customize your head simple inside Blender.

For the Explode mesh make a copy of your original mesh. In edit mode put the eyes and brows away.

This is your baking and painting mesh.

Make a copy of this head. You can delete  Color, UV and Armature Modifier.

Set a Subdivision Surface Modifier, do some decent hardsurface works like scarfs  

a.s.o.  as you wish and then apply.

Now you can also sculpt it in Blender. 

With hardsurface and sculpting you just can make little changes to the original mesh. Larger changes on the mesh will be made before subdividing.

Now you can export it as your Highpoly Mesh and use it as your baking mesh in Substance Painter or any other 3D painting software.


Export Settings

Select the mesh at first - then the skeleton and go to File- Export- FBX.

Here you can see  the options I use for Blender to UE4 without animations.

2. Making a preset Character

in works


All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file