The Artful3D modular Characters

The Artful3D modular charater system ist made for indie- and hobby game developers.

You want to avoid months or years of charakter development and still create individual game charakters?

I know there are al lot of possibilities to buy characters from one of the big players.

But how often i read about issues with rigging, textures or other problems.

Many of the game developers want to have AAA characters.

This costs a lot in every case:

They often comes with hard licenses.

Mostly they have too much polygons, but no possibility to handle clean LODs.

No possibility to easily adapt the textures to your engine or your individual needs.

each Mesh has another rig that needs to be adjusted.


With a vertex number where many meshes have already wasted two LODs, Artful3D meshes are.


The Artful 3D System ist not the perfect AAA one... really not... but any years experience and work are in the character System.


Once done it always runs. Simple but robust like an old VWBeatle.

The whole character with equipment comes to max 15k vertices and is clear structured. With a view deleted loops you can reduce it to an clean 5000 poly LOD or lower.

All new meshes includes 3LoD´s. 


Load the charakter in your engine and fix it as desired with a prefab or blueprint,

(In UE4 I use the master pose component)

Then you can drag and drop all following additional parts in your blueprint or prefab  .... ready to play.


If there is something to fix like colors or some geometry,  simply open your painter or blend file, fix the problem, export,  reimport... ready.


So you have the full workflow and controll over your mesh, the rig, and the textures.



Modular Game Charakter System

The Character parts will be:

The Head




...also some equipment parts like hats, weapons, tornisters,  etc. if needed.


At the moment I dont make alpha hair.

It costs a lot of shader and polygons and looks very bad, when not made absolute perfectly and by use extreme big texture sizes.

If i make a good polygon hair instead , for the saved costs i make a lot of good low poly stuff.


 In my first Charakter system I have splitted the character even more than in the new one.

But with every part of the mesh Ive made, the possibilities increases exponentially....more and more and more.... and all ends up in tons of meshes who must all fit together.

For example.... there was long boots fit to short trousers, log sleeves, short gloves, shoes, long coats, short Jackets, bracers, bloomy clothing ..... a total overload of meshes and possibilities.

The more the character had to fit to all this, the more he became static.

What remained was a dead dummy.

 But anyway, i could imagine a system for certain types of equipment or "Hero" armor  that fits together for a later time....


Inside of Blender however i use the full power of modularity tho make reusable, and variable parts.


The Character Head

The head includes 80 Shapekeys for use in your 3D Software or in the engine.

Its a modular part of the character System. 



The Character comes with some shapekeys to customize the body as you wish.

This shapekeys are all also a part of the clothing, so the body parts fits always together.


You dont use Morphing in your Game?

If you dont want to use a morphing system inside your engine....  No problem. You also can fix the morphed characters inside of Blender or your 3D Software and export them to your engine. You also can refine the fixed head with sculpting and bake a normal map.

The Rig

All human characters and charakter parts are rigged and weighted to the same skeleton.

So that you can use them anyway.

The rig corresponds to the UE4 rig and can be used with all Unreal animations.

The rig is a standard game rig with with twist bones

and an unweighted root bone and unweighted IK bones for hands and feet.

All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file