Game Charakter Heads

In this Sektion You can find a lot of Game Charakter Heads.

The universal  Head is one of the core elements of the Artful3D charaktersystem.

With actually over 70 shapekeys there are a almost unlimited possibilities of Charakter design.

Its only the first step towards a new  charakterizarion.


The Mask

The masks are a simple but extensive possibility to create individual gaming charakters.

The mask bodyparts replace the heads and can be worn with simple helmets and hats.


Verticecount 1259


Texturesize max. 1024




4 Euro



The Artful3D Universal Head

The Basic Face

2968 Vertices

Textursize max. 2048



6 Euro






The head is a core element of the Artful3D- Charakter System.


Actually more than 70 shapekeys.

Unlimited charakter combination possibilitys.

One head for male and female.



The head is in constant development.

 More skins, scars, morphs, facial expressions and

a inner Mouth are also planned.


Six skin Colors matching all other meshes are available.

Stubble Hair and beard are variable.

The eybrows also morphing.