The Artful3D Modular Head

The head is usable for all Artful3D modular bodyparts.

You can use it as it is or change the style to more realistic or cartoony as you wish.

The head comes with 80 shapekeys (morphs).

You can customize and fix your head in Blender ( or every other 3D software) and sculpt the HP mesh for baking or use the shape keys for  your own customizing system inside your engine.

All coming body parts will fit to the universal head automaticly.

By default there is a simple skin texture, 2048 PBR roghness metallic.

You can texture and customize the head in Substance Painter as you wish with a realistic skin, scars, wrinkles  aso.


Head 2.0 Preset_1_Male

A male head preset made from the unversal head 2.0.
Blend file,
3x FBX: LOD 0-2
PBR Rough-met: 1x 2048
3 Morphs.
Faces: 3477

Verts: 3543



Head 2.0

Completely overhauled and refined.

More expressive male and female shapekey presets.

A bit more realistic, a bit more defined proportions. 

Better facetopology.

Three LoD`s


Modular Character  Universal Head 1.0

Universal Head


PBR roughness metallic

5 Skin Presets a 2048

Vertices: 3087

Faces: 3030

Tris 5996

Blend File, Painter File

80 Morphs, rigged, tested in UE4



Ingame, the vertexcount of the mesh may seem a bit too high.
You can just collapse it by dropping loops. The shape key function is thereby reduced but not destroyed

The Head is in constant development. Please watch the Roadmap.

With 3000 vertices and 80 shape keys, the head is probably the most complex part of the character system.
I try to keep vertex numbers as low as possible, but a head is a very complex mesh

So it is always a ballance act between complexity and effectiveness to get the best out of it.

The current head is just a starting point for future developments

Keep up to date.

Head 1.0

Emotions 2.0

Head Development  Roadmap Head 3.0


(releasing point head 3.0)

1.New ear topology                               (0%)

2.Add inner mouth and teeth              (20%)

3. Add speech and mimics.                   (0%)

4. Add eyleshes                                        (0%)

All Artful3D assets and textures are tested in Unreal Engine 4 and gameready.

All Artful3D assets includes the Substance Painter file and the Blend file