Artful3D Asset Shop

Welcome to the Artful3D Asset Shop.

Why Artful3D Assets?

Through the modular System of the Artful3D Assets, you buy not only a new asset.

The possibilities of combinations increase with every additional asset.

Due the possible color options, morphs and the modular design, unlimited combinations are possible.

PBR Metal roughness & Specular glossiness


Game engines that using the substance plugin create the material automatically.

You also can extract different variations of texturesets for your special use with the substance player (a free Allegorithmic software) in few minutes.

Substance Player for easy extraction of Artful3D Textures

All assets in consistent quality and style

Variable Texture Size

Comfortable  reducing of texture sizes by using of SBSAR texture files

Usable in any modular Character System

Color variations

All assets uses colorvariations simply by sliders.


Low Poly

Constantly Extendet Offer.